Luft & Co. Inc. is the leading supplier of Natural Fiber bags in North America who embody the idea that "in every seed lies the promise of a forest".  Our bags are ethically-produced and reusable, eco-friendly and an alternative to plastic, paper, cotton, and canvas bags. Our Natural Fiber bags are produced from sustainable resources offering a bag that minimizes the harmful impact of plastics on our beautiful planet.

Luft & Co. Inc. is committed to making this world a little better - one step at a time.  Our goal is to manufacture and supply beautiful custom bags to supermarkets, retail stores and marketing firms and departments in Canada and the United States. We are confident we can support independent businesses, commercial and non-commercial organizations with a wonderful alternative to plastic based bags.

Our company is committed to the development of products and services that further the creation of an ecologically sustainable future. We believe our bags and products will enable North America to become a leader in choosing a greener tomorrow. We commission regular Ethical and Technical audits and only source from suppliers and producers who operate under these principles and standards.

Our specialized experience is unrivaled and our knowledgeable sales teams and skilled designers guarantee that you will find the right product for your marketing needs. If you would like to design and commission a bag printed with your logo or brand, or if you simply wish to learn more, then please explore our website and our portfolio.

Together with our partners we take our responsibilities to our staff and customers very seriously. We proudly stand behind our products and welcome all inquiries both small and large.