Personalized Bags

Inks & Colour

The inks used by Luft & Co. Inc. are water based and AZO free pigments. These pigments can be matched to any pantone within reasonable character.

Your logo is your business trademark.  It is the visual picture that your clients connect to your company.  Luft & Co. Inc. is committed to making your logo come alive on our bags.  We work with some of the best logo artists in the business.  Our experience and specialized services are second to none.  We take great pride in what we do to ensure your success with our green bag products. 

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Personalized Bags

If you are looking for something specific we can create almost any bag design you can think of with your logo on it.  Our most common logo work is either screen printed or machine embroidered. There are no limitations; every aspect of your bag can be designed to your specification. Your bag requirements can be personalized...any shape, any size,  any weave, any colour, and any lining choice.

Branding Your Bag - Some options to consider:

  • What Type of Handles? 
  • Laminated Interior?
  • Muslin Lined Interior? 
  • Hand Held or Over The Shoulder Straps?
  • Embroidery Logo Work?
  • Screen Printed Logo Work? 
Personalized Bags